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Weak OEM headlights can be annoying at best and downright dangerous at worst. If you’ve ever been in a riding situation at night and wished you had more light, it’s time to look at upgrading your OEM headlights with a High Intensity Discharge light kit from BikeMaster. These HID lighting kits provide up to three times the light as that of a halogen bulb and ten times that of a regular incandescent bulb. Not only will you be able to see further down the road, but there will be more detail in it too.

Every BikeMaster H.I.D. kit comes complete with a fused wiring harness, Xenon bulb, compact ballast and relay. Just wire it all in and you’ll have a much better view of the road!

BikeMaster H.I.D. Light Kits are available to fit the following OEM light bulb mounts:

6000k H4HL
8000k H4HL
6000k H7
8000k H7
6000k H9
8000k H9
6000k H11
8000k H11
6000k H13HL
8000k H13HL
6000k 9005
8000k 9005

6000k bulbs produce a white color while 8000k bulbs deliver a blue tint to your view of the road ahead. And of course, replacement bulbs are available for all kits. If your bike is equipped with multiple headlights, you’ll need to order additional kits for your application.

For more information, call Mike at 866.931.6644 x 804 or send a note to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with BIKEMASTER HID KIT in the subject line and please be sure to specify the color and style of the kit you want and we’ll get back to you right away.

The complete kit comes with all the HID components required for installation.

High-quality automotive-style waterproof connectors are used throughout.

A wide variety of bulbs are available to fit the OEM bulb socket for most late-model motorcycles.

The BikeMaster HID kit’s ballast is small, making installation a little less tricky.

Simple instructions are also included with each kit and, should you have any questions at all, BikeMaster’s technical support is excellent.

Enough wire is included to install the system all the way back to the battery, or if your bike uses a headlight relay, simply wire up to that, run the wires and place the bulb in the OEM socket for a much better view of the road ahead.

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clicked on the ridersdiscount link and searched for "BikeMaster", then "H.I.D." then "headlight" and came up empty
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