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bike wont start

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So here is the story.

I believe I got a bad tank of gas maybe three tanks back (in Ecuador). After some poor performance I drained all the gas by removing the tank. I let it air out and then refilled it. I also dumped in a STP Total Fuel System cleaner solution. After about 15 miles it started running normal.

The next time I ride I do about 150 miles, both poor dirt and good pavement. Runs like a dream in all gears and the whole range.

The next time I cant even get out of the parking garage, as it slug and slugs and I cant even take off (well barely, slipping the clutch alot).

I park it.

I go to try again the next day and it wont even start. It is turning over but not starting.

I replace the plugs.

Still wont start.

Any ideas what is going on?