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If you don't like motorcycles and fun, then please read no further.


You are invited to participate in a rally that is like no other!

The goals of this rally are simple:

  • Awesome value at only $49.69 (and it includes a money back guarantee).
  • Promote riding during winter months via self-guided bonus collection.
  • Provide a new and very unique bonus collection experience with (near)real-time scoring.
This rally will start on Jan 12 and finish on May 12 (yes, that is 4 months).

There will be three bonus listings to be released at different times (the first is already out).

There will be a banquet in Nevada at the conclusion of the rally. Those not able to attend the banquet will have their shirt/awards/swag sent to them.

Bonuses are spread all over the USA. Wherever you live, you will have access to bonuses.

121 total points will be needed to reach "Finisher" Status. Those able to get out for a few weekends during the winter have a very good chance of reaching this score.

If this sounds interesting to you, please go here to learn more:

Please surf around the site and read more via the menus on top just below the header image.

Suggested reading:

Ten Free Tips
Rally Q & A
Sample leader board
Bonus listing
Sample/practice posts

Please contact the Big Money Rally via the webpage with any questions. Or post them up here and we'll try to help out.
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