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Best Wee Magnetic Tankbag?

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Hi everyone,

New 09 Wee owner needs a magnetic tankbag. Med-lg size with a clear map pocket.
Concerned about fit.
Who makes the best fitting Wee magnetic tank bag in your opinion?

Thanks! Bob w9eta
Central IN.
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I have a Field Sheer that I really like. It has a large main pocket with a map pocket on the flap, two side pockets that will fit sunglasses and a pocket that faces the rider for the rain cover. I also keep a side stand plate in there.

I would consider this a medium sized tank bag. The map pocket is a little small but really I wouldn't want the bag any bigger so it is fine. That is the compromise I make I guess.
The Google search function that is in the centre of the screen is a wonderful source of information for those who use it. If for example you search on the string "magnetic tank bag" you will end up with all of these results and save having to go over ground that has been covered plenty of times before.
Tank bags are too personal to ask what somebody else thinks. Figure out what you need and go with it.
I have one of the cortech super bags, sorry don't know for sure what size it is, I think it is the 10 liter.

it meets your requirments.

I have used it for over 20k miles and it has never moved. I only use the magnets and have never strapped it down.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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