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I am new to the forum, I live in Cheyenne Wyoming. I am hoping maybe some of you forum members in Colorado could tell me where to look for the best out the door price on a wee strom.

I have a price of 6271 from the dealer in Cheyenne. I have checked one dealer in Ft. Collins. Would appreciate any info on other dealers in the Colorado area who are making competitive deals on the wee.

I am presently riding an 03 KLR and on the list to get the next 08 KLR that arrives in Cheyenne, but I am really leaning towards trying the wee, I rode one today, and I am very impressed. The only dirt I ride is pretty much fireroads and real good 2 track.

Hope I have posted in the right place, wanted to get as much attention as I could.

Thanks for your help. I mention Colorado because it is close, but other states if not too far away would be helpful too.
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