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"BEST OF THE BEST" Oregon Coast roads!

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Alright fella's, I've got one more itch to scratch... and this one will go off over the Labor Day weekend. So just like last time, if this is a ride you think you might want to get in on, please speak up with just a MAYBE so I can get a early head count... It is a holiday weekend after all, so I need to get on the lodging ASAP. For example: "Hi, my names WeeMcD. I like to ride motorcycles. I sure would like to go with you fella's this time, seeing as how I bagged out on the last ride the night before. I THINK I can go on this ride IF I don't bail at the last minute again.."

---> "BEST OF THE BEST" Oregon Coast road ride <------

Now I've only rode about 20% of the roads on this preliminary route, but according to the Benchmark Oregon Atlas, it is an all paved route, about 900 miles North to South, so do the math, 450 miles/ day of twisty backroads is not a picture-taking pace, they'll be long days in the saddle and if thats not your thing... just a fair warning. And if you see a road on there that I missed, and it should not be missed... I'm happy to take suggestions if its a workable one.

So, who's going to be the first one on the "IN" list?

***** EDIT ******

You know what, on second thought, lets not over plan this one... The above route is way too long and ambitious for a weekend - but what it does do is show the general direction of what we might want to do, ie., criss-crossing east to west across the coast range and we head north to south. We'll bring the maps and some suggested roads - ie., that Smith river road is a must - and just play this one fast and loose and go screw around in the woods and the dunes for the weekend! We'll just till we're tired and this time, we'll actually take some more pictures! So, who's with us?
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This is cutting it really close to a vacation, but I'm going to have to be in on this as much fun as I hag last time. Lodging is going to be hard to come by that weekend. :beatnik:
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