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Best bars for mounting Ammo Cans

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I recently purchased a K6 DL650 and I am planning on adding a set of 20 mm ammo cans as panniers. I will probably buy the SW-Motech or the Happy trails racks for mounting. From what I have read the Happy trails racks are more robust so I am leaning towards buying them due to the weight of the cans. The SW-Motech have the quick release feature which I am not sure I would use that much. Does anyone have any experience with the two different racks and ammo cans? Thanks for any input.
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ammo cans and racks

I'm interested; my used DL650 came with sw-motech racks which I just installed - they are solid and truly mount and dismount easily. You could just bolt the racks and ammo cans to each other if $ is an issue. As opposed to buying a quick release adapter for each ammo can from twisted throttle.
I don't know about the SW Motech, but I just put Happy Trails Racks on both of my DR's. These racks are heavy duty.
I am leaning towards the Happy Trails since they are very sturdy. They also cost ~$300 with shipping. The SW-Motech bars are ~$230 (shipping?).

For the time being I am going to tinker with my MIG welder to see if I can fabricate something on the cheap. My welding skills are not that good so I will have to practice a lot. The ammo can approach is based on frugality. Thanks for your input.
FWIW, Mine are on Givi racks and have been abused hard but are holding up well.
I have the Happy Trails setup. They may not be the "prettiest" when the boxes are off, but you can have the confidence of being able to pack up anything you want, and having them be solid as a rock.
good luck
ammo cans

Ive had mine mounted to a set of Givis for 3 years now with no problems.

I have the same ammo cans, just using the Happy Trails racks. The cans weigh around 17 lbs after the Libo-suction process......:yikes:
order HT SU rack

Well I have given up on making my own rack and decided to order the HT SU rack. My welding skills are pretty poor and the homemade rack I'm sure would be much heavier than a commercial setup. Since I am using heavy ammo cans it might be best to go with a lighter rack. For those of you with the HT rack how was the fit to the DL650?

Also, are there spacers for the rear luggage rack included? The rear mounting points are somewhat recessed I assume this is accounted for with the HT design.
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