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Welcome to the forum squisher. You're getting joke answers because this is one of the more common questions on the forum, and the general consensus is there's little power to be gained.

Here's a good summary from another thread:
Well, you could throw a new can at it, a new low-restriction air filter, a PC-III, take off everything it doesn't have to have to save weight and carbon-fiber everything else. For, oh, say $2000 you might pick up 4 or 5 hp.

Or you could just follow Big B's advice and
enjoy if for what it is, and accept it for what it is not
If you wanted power you got the wrong bike.

You might also play with the search tool since this same question gets asked every couple of months.
There are two search tools on the site. Ignore the one in the blue menu bar -- it's almost worthless. Use the "Google Custom Search" box instead, in the center of the page just under the menus. For many questions you can get a good answer right away by searching, without having to wait for someone to reply. - Search Results for more power wee

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I'm looking to increase the hp of the 650, looking for any suggestions. I'm no mechanic but reasonably handy with tools. thanks in advance
Adding a Power Commander and a free-flowing exhaust will probably get you a few HP and take 20 lbs off the bike. It's not cheap, it is loud, and the cost is close to $1,000. Only you can decide if the benefits justify the cost.
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