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I've been feeling a little down on the amount I've been riding this year (too little) - which seems odd considering during the winter I actually shovelled snow off the driveway to get the bike out...

Anyway, I've been feeling pretty inadequate in the skills department this year, so I signed up for a course put on by the
BC Safety Council called the Experienced Rider Course.

While I wouldn't rave about the course, it could be better, it was a good course and I would recommend it for almost everyone.

It focused a lot on basic skills and tried to reinforce good riding habits and techniques, which is all good. The downside for me was that it all happened in a parking lot, and no on-street riding. Nevertheless, I found it quite valuable.

Thursday night was classroom theory.

Saturday was low-speed maneuvers, which between the heat and manhandling my VStrom around the course time and time again pretty much guaranteed a good night's sleep. Perhaps "unconsciousness" would be a better term. (Two of the instructors also rode Vstroms!)

Sunday was higher-speed maneuvers and emergency techniques.

One of the riders complained that the course was "beneath him", but I notice he nabbed his fair share of cones during the training, so I'll leave that judgement to others.

There was quite a number of different kinds of bikes on the course from a full-dress Harley

to a pair of Harley cruisers (they weren't together)

To my personal favourite, a GSX-R 600 sportbike (owned by possibly the oldest guy there!)

I don't know what it is about sportbikes, but my brain just short-circuits when I get near them.

There was actually two sportbikes there, the other was a Triumph 955 - it did have the sweetest sounding exhaust note.

The one woman on the course rode a 1993 customized Harley Sportster, that I would have to describe as "cute" - not a
description that most people would think to use when describing a Harley.

Here's a picture of my favourite course participant.

Here's just a couple of gratuitous "action" shots.

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