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Bar Risers

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I added GenMar Bar Risers a couple of weeks ago. They have been sitting around since last year, but that is a different story. Now that I have ridden the bike several times, I realize I should have done this when I bought the bike in 2007.

For me with short arms, the one up and one back risers now allow me a little bend in my arms. The bike is much more comfortable and goes into corners easier without having to think about bending my arms. At low speeds in parking lots is where the risers make a huge difference. Now I can maneuver the bike with the bars turned full left or right with a greater sense of balance.

For all of you who feel the reach to the bars is a little long, I highly recommend bring the bars back closer to your body. By the way, I got them from Blair along with an extended brake line since I have ABS.