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Hi Guys,
I have spent a few hours checking out the many Bar-Riser posts on this forum and I have a question.

I am a short "Old Geezer": 5' 4", 30" inseam and 140lbs soaking wet.

I find after a couple of hours in the saddle my back starts to ache, I seem to be stretching too much to reach the bars.

Below are a couple of photos with me on the bike, not much of a bend in the arms. ;-)

I have the OEM low seat fitted and feel very comfortable when coming to a stop, one foot down all good.

Any of the short folks out there had any success with fitting bar-risers to alleviate back ache? I would really like to hear from you, what risers did you use?

I was thinking about purchasing these Zeta Bar Risers from Turkey, 26mm higher 20mm back:

It would seem that after cruising through the posts on Bar Risers these Zeta risers seem to fit with the minimum of fuss.

Thanks in Advance.

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