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Bad regulator causing misfire in CDI????

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Okay...I'm working in an early 90s Kawasaki four wheeler for a buddy. I've been chasing an intermittent poor running condition. Sometimes hard to start, sometimes starts and runs good until you shut it off, then won't re start, etc. Totally random.

Compression 160lbs, new plug, new carb, etc. Condition did not improve. I ran across a reported known issue with this bike. Apparently the rectifier goes bad and sends AC voltage to the CDI which scrambles it and messes up the timing and voltage to the plug. I started the bike and it ran crappy. Then I unplugged the rectifier and voila! Instant rpm increase and improved running.

Anybody ever heard of this? Supposedly caused by a corroded key switch that burns out the regulator.

I know this is off-brand, but given the known charging issues with Stroms I thought it was relevant.
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Similar problems with old Honda's, some parts would run off DC and some parts off the AC

If they were run with a bad battery or no battery they would get power spikes.

Does this bike have a battery ? is it a good one ?

Any AC leaking past the rectifier will shorten the life of a Dc battery.

That is the problem with auto ranging multi meters, you need to check for AC at the battery when you check the voltage.

Many years back a friend got a Kawasaki 250 triple, he could not get it to run right, he threw in the towel and gave the bike to me, I found if I hooked up the jumper leads from a good battery it ran great, I replaced the battery with a good one and used that bike as a city toy for a few years, it was great for wheel stands.
Those old CDI's were pretty shitty anyway. So yeah, as above, fix the electrics and be prepared to buy a new CDI anyway. Certainly check the charging circuit for AC first.
The Honda's also had a advance and retard system on the end of the cam shaft that gave heaps of trouble,

if it was not right the bike would not be right.

I don't think you can buy that part anymore.
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