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I just purchased a 2005 VStrom 1000. This will be my second VStrom (the other was also a 2005). I have owned six TL1000S', one TL1000R and an SV1000S. I think I am a bit biased towards this engine... :)
I have a few items to clean up on the bike and will post some pics later!
This one has the mirror extenders, skid plate, center stand, Large windshield, accessory port, crash bars and some solidly mounted aluminum panniers.
I had a brand new set of TwoBrothers pipes in the garage for the past 7 years, they look mighty fine on this bike also!
The tires are brand new but handle poorly (some off the wall brand). Going to check those out and find out if they are out of balance.
I forgot how well I liked this bike until I got back onto it. Can not wait until I can tour again!

Mesa AZ
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