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Back after a decade...

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Well, after 10 years since my last post, I am back. Bought a 2009 DL 650 from Copart salvage auction. See attached pictures.

Excited to be back. In the past 10 years without a Vstrom, I went back to college and finished a Mechanical Engineering degree, got married, and had our first child. Also got heavy into offroad dirt bike racing in last 6 years. Been racing Enduro and Hare Scrambles on a KTM 300 XC. So fun...

I will start a thread about buying the 2009 from Copart and the rebuild process. Only damage looks minor. Need turn signals, mirrors, bar ends, and one tank shroud if I am picky. Planning to commute and run errands on it to start. Be nice to leave the F-150 at home for around town and local trips.

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After a car wash stop on the way home:

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire
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Welcome back, SnoPro.

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Welcome from South Western Mo like the bike.
Congrats on the engineering degree, mine has served me well. Waiting for the Coparts story.
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That is a great find! Welcome back! Wish I had never sold my '07 ABS, but... where would I have stored it?

Great bike.
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I like that gun metal silver color
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