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Hi! I have installed an auxiliary fuse box to power my extra spot lights and my heated grips. I'll list the parts I have used and describe how I connected them. I just hate lots of extra battery terminals and inline fuse holders all over the place, that's why I tried to create a better setup.
My Oxford heated grips connect directly to the battery. It has built-in battery protection, so it won't drain the battery. My Givi S310 spot lights are connected to the battery through a relay. The relay is triggered by the license plate wire, but it's routed through a switch on the handle bar so I can turn them on or off. I have tapped the license plate wire with an adaptor from Eastern Beaver.

This is how the installed fuse holder looks, it fits nicely between the battery and the factory fuse box:

I have ordered the following parts from Eastern Beaver. I have ordered wires, etc from a local store.
  • Signal/Licence Adaptor for New DLs
  • Metri-Pack 280 3 Fuse Holder and Cap 18-16AWG + Tree clip
  • 20A Panasonic Relay with Tab + 20A Relay Socket
  • 10 Yazaki 4 mm Bullet Connector Sets

I have installed these parts like this:
  • I have drilled a hole to the plastic tab behind the battery and installed the Tree Clip of the Fuse Holder:
  • I have wired the fuse holder to a single ring terminal that will be connected to the battery. I have crimped and soldered the wires.
  • The final assembly looks like this. The license light adapter is on the bottom right. The ground wire from the adapter is connected to the relays ground input. The license light wire from the adapter is soldered to the long blue wire inside the wiring harness. The blue wire goes to the handle bar spot light switch and then comes back to the relays signal input.
    The battery plus is split to three wires crimped and soldered to a single ring terminal. These wires connect to the 3 inputs of the fuse holder. Two outputs of the fuse holder just simply end in bullet connectors. My heated grips connect to one of these outputs. The third output of the fuse holder is connected to the switched input of the relay. The switched output of the relay (purple wire) ends in a bullet connector. My spot lights connect to it.
    I have also created a common negative terminal, one ring terminal split into 3 bullet connectors.
  • I have installed the relay with wire straps. 3 wire straps going around the cross beam and 2 wire straps attach the relay to the 3 wire straps
  • The fusebox and the relay are connected like this. The wire between the fuse box and the relay goes under the black plastic assembly of the original fuse box.
  • I cut out the battery positive cover rubber like this so the ring terminal fits nicely
  • I have routed the blue wires to the handle bar switch in a harness all the way on the right side of the bike
  • I have routed the wires for the heated grips and the spot lights along the original wiring harness, kind of diagonal through the bike. These wires start on the left side of the bike, around the battery negative terminal. There is free space above/behind the battery, all the bullet connectors fit there easily. The wires run forward, diagonally through the bike to the right side, and then go forward on the right side.
I hope this will be a reliable setup. I couldn't test it too much yet, because of the Covid-19 lockdown. I hope somebody will find this information useful.

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Nice, neat and tidy. Thanks for the great write-up and pictures.
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