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Well the job is done and complete a couple of weeks now. Had to spend a week in San Fran for training for a week and really missed my ride. Especially with lots of bikes and scooters in the city. One in particular was a flat black Ducati parked in front of the hotel, probably an employee. What a hot looking bike.

But I digress...

Install was a long job, not overwelming but also not for someone afraid of tools or taking their bike apart. It's been a long time since I got to do some serious wrenching in the garage, since I sold my 57 Chevy pickup. I miss those times, sometimes...

Anyway, information here, with some creativity, made the job very clean. I've got a CA model Vee so the first obstacle was the emissions canister under the skin on the right side. No room for a vacuum canister but the CC module just fits. I had to point it backward and then run the cable back toward the front. It's a tight bend but doesn't seem to bind the cable.

I wanted to make sure the vacuum canister was large enough to do the job so I sort of made a T instead of a tube and fit it in the seat tray. Unfortunately I lose a bit of storage space for the compressor, oh well. Had to drill the tray to allow the vacuum ends in on one side and out on the other but that worked out ok.

The instructions recommend a few locations to find switched power and brake light so I used the wires in front of the battery. Much easier to locate but a little tight on the access.

I didn't have the braket from Murphy's kits yet, to mount the remote control switch so I left the loom all wrapped up in the front fairing pocket but with excess for the final wiring when the bracket arrived. I got it all back together and rode for the next few days until the bracket arrived and just sealed up the unit in the meantime and let it dry.

The bracket sticks out a little furthar from the mirror post than I would have liked but it will work for now. I think I'll end up re-drilloing it later but thats another job for another day.

I soldered all the connections to future proof it and an initial test with the led on the module looked good.

Road test. Quick to engage and dis-engage, worked perfectly. All the ways to dis-engage work great, no worries there. Keeps the speed just where you set it plus or minus a few mph on grades.

I thought I messed something up though. Obviously the airbox has to come off to do the job right and I forgot to hook up a couple hoses for the emissions system so I could hear a little popping going on, not quite a backfire. I actually kind of liked it but who knows what that can hurt. It took 20 minutes to get in there and get the hoses hooked back up and it sounds perfectly normal now.

Now I'm ready for the TBS at next maintenance since the vacuum hoses from the throttle bodies are installed.

All in all, about $120 worth in parts and the long pliers. 2 good days of tear down, install and rebuild, it was raining anyway. It could have gone faster but I'm kind of anal about fabrication so nothing rubs, nothing wears.

It was a lot of fun and the reward is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend it.


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Sounds familiar. It's not the easiest installation in the world but it's great to have and a genuine bargain considering there are throttle locks that cost more.

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I installed my cc one month ago..
Hard work but is really a nice farkle!
I have some trouble in my right hand so now I can take down for a moment and avoid feel cramped all up until my shoulder.;););)
I think not is a installation for newbies, you need some mechanical background and not be afraid to dismantle half bike (and more!)
Two complete days work or one very long...:):):)
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