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I did a day trip to drop some new spark plugs to one of my spawn for her KX80.

I got away reasonably early and the road was wet / moist all the way there. Bugger all other bikes on the road except a convoy of about 5 trikes that I passed near Te Kaha.

The Old Te Aroha road is better than I remembered, particluarly the last 5-10 km before hitting 29. My GPS was useful for the zig zag through to route 5 too.

Stopped at Fruit and Veg place at Te Teko to get some fruit for the kids and do not recommend it. The quality of the fruit was rubbish.

Pretty un-evenful except there was a lot of flooding near Wakatane see pic 1 and 2 which meant that I had to back track via Wakatane itself.

Stopped along the coast for a wizz and the colour of the sea was brown from all of the stream / flood water. pic 4

Stayed at Waihau bay for a couple of hours and got the squid's KX running then headed back after a quick tour and some sweet corn.

Not long after leaving to come home the heavens opened and there was a bmw 1200 gs parked under a tree. I stopped to see if he was OK and he was just putting on his wets and returning to Opotiki (which he said was home). He was fine and followed me. The rain stopped shortly before Te Kaha and the last I saw of him was him stopping at what I think was Omaio (looking at it on G maps now).

The weather was then stunning see last pic. I stopped at took off a layer as I was getting too hot.

Pretty unevenful trip home and got the munchies at Matamata where KFC solved my problem. While I was in the queue at KFC the guy I was standing with said that the queue of traffic returning from the Coromandel was huge heading north so I detoured via Kahuna to Ohnewai and then back onto route 1.

Total distance 1033 km, in 14.5 hours including 2 gas stops, 2 wee wee stops, 1 KFC stop, 1 fruit stall stop and a couple of hours at Waihau Bay itself. Oh and one sore arse.

Google maps:


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I've heard of people raving about the riding in NZ.

Enjoyed the read. A nice uncomplicated, unexaggerated account of your trip with a few nice pics thrown in. Welcome contrast to the numerous "epic" ride reports that so many seem to aspire to.

Thanks for posting.
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