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Excuse me guys, I contacted your admin about posting this a few weeks back and have received no reply so I'm just going to go ahead with it. Forgive the spamish nature, please. I think you'll find it very worthwhile.


The Assistance List is available for you to sign up!

What is it?

The Assistance List started life in 2006 as a voluntary on-road assistance list for the FJR Forum. It's a co-operative, you volunteer to help somebody traveling in need of assistance, and in return, you get the same when you travel. Since that time the list has grown immensely with nearly a 1000 participants all over North America and the world. Over the years, it's helped many people and proven its value over and over again.
It originally was distributed monthly via an email .pdf file, then, in 2009, a GPX file for your GPS was added. It got to be a bit of beast to manage on a monthly basis manually, so it's been automated and made available to any organization, group or forum.

Simply put, the Assistance List only maintains the bare minimum of information about you to get the job done. Your forum handle, your first name only, the city, state/prov and country your in, some telephone numbers (you can choose to hide these) for travelers to contact you and the types of assistance you can provide. This information is only available to other participants and not publicly available on the website. We publish no personally identifiable information.

So, what is new and how does it affect me.

  1. The assistance list is no longer manually maintained. You maintain your own data via the website[/*]
  2. The list is available on demand 24/7. Ready for printing or for downloading the GPX file.[/*]
  3. It is no longer just the FJR list. It is for any group or organization who wants to have their own list. You decide which groups you want to participate in. Your information is only available to the groups you join. This can greatly expand the the amount of, and reduce distance to, the help you require. If your a member of another forum and want to start a list, just send me an email and I'll add it.[/*]
  4. You can filter the list for only specific countries, state/provinces or even assistance types. Keeping the size small for printing.[/*]
  5. Secure, the assistance list uses your email address to send you a 24 hour access code, after that 24 hours, you must generate another access code.[/*]
  6. The assistance list is Telephony enabled! This means we can send out Text Messages in real time in addition to email when you request assistance.[/*]
  7. You can access the assistance list at any time from any device. Desktop, tablet, or smartphone.[/*]
  8. Speaking of Spot Trackers, we've wired up your Spot Tracker directly to the assistance list. Press HELP and we'll contact as many people as you define via email and via text message in addition to any members within a 100 mile radius of your location. That's right, the list is now fully location aware.[/*]
  9. When we know your location, we even send a google map link to your exact location in both email and text message so responders know exactly where you are.[/*]
  10. Don't have the list printed or on your GPS. Text our number with your location and we'll contact your Emergency Contacts via email/SMS.[/*]

The Assistance List has been, and will continue to be free. You can use it to participate and generate a list or GPX file and seek help in any way you see fit. Just like always.

However, the telephony component (Text Messages, Voice access or telephone forwarding) will carry a $5.00 Cdn charge for each incident request. I want to be clear about this, it doesn't matter if you send a 100 SMS messages or make a 50 phone calls to get the help you need, the charge will be a minimum of $5 or, actual charges which ever is greater. We are capable of providing Telephony to 196 countries and, for reference, at the current rates you can use the Assistance List for up to 2.5 hours in North America for that $5.00. This is to cover the cost of providing that service and to offset the cost of running the website.

You have a 3 day grace period from the date of sign up to configure and test the website SMS/Voice functionality and I will wave the charges. Don't kill me m'kay! It shouldn't take more than a couple of tries to verify it works. After that, add as many 'Emergency Contacts' in both email and telephone and your good to go.

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Are a majority of the members in Canada, or the US?
The site was launched about a month ago with the majority of participants being located in the U.S. However the site is global in scope, we already have members in Mexico, Australia, South Africa and even China.
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