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Assessing the damage 08 650. no valve shims still does not clear within spec

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So while doing my valve clearance on a new to me bike, it seems as though the front cylinder was especially friction-y. I measured 0 clearance.

When I took of the chain tensioner, the chain remained super tight, which made me think that possibly the Valves are really jammed against the camshaft.

Took off the camshaft journal and had to criss cross the screws for much longer than the rear head, the camshaft was really pressed tight against the journal. Pulled the tappet to check the numbers on the shim, noticed they were actually super worn and had lots of wear marks. Sounds like loose valve symptoms right? Well....

For kicks I reinstalled the tappets without any shims. Timed the chain and camshaft, reinstalled chain tensioner.

Turn over the crankshaft twice and measure clearance...not within spec sadly. Couldn't fit 0.10mm.

New valve time, right? Anything else this could be?

Bike runs "great" but the front head is noisy. Sounds slappy and has a loud ring to it upon startup

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Something is not in its position if there is no gap at TDC. Double check your manual.:
  • Are the intake and exhaust cams in the proper place (not reversed)? They are marked IN and EX. Not trying to insult you, but just looking for clues.
  • Are you sure the cams are at the proper position when the flywheel is at TDC?
  • Are the cams aligned with the mating surface of the head as it is specified?
  • Are there the proper number of cam chain links between the marks on the cams?
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