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I wasn’t looking for loud pipes.
The stock exhaust has a nice thuddy burble at idle but it fades away too quickly when you twist the throttle.
At higher revs the stock wee sounds dull. Mostly whooshing air.

Why Arrow?
Its Italian. The Italian do know how to make engines sound good.
I’ve had Alfas and a Ducati Monster in the past and they sound glorious stock.
Also the Arrow canister looks beautifully well made.
I chose the brush aluminium finish and it looks stunning.
At first I thought I should have ordered the dark finish to match the stock one.

Much better than I hoped. Now my wee sounds a lot like my old Ducati.
That 90 degree twin thrum MINUS dry clutch rattle.
The thuds are more pronounced like the sound is hitting you in the chest and doesn’t trail off too quickly at the twist of the throttle.
Like Mike Portnoy doing triplets on his double bass pedal in the background.

The stock canister comes with the cat converter inside at the neck.
So this is a cat delete mod. Else, get the full Arrow exhaust kit for the Strom.
On the 2017 wee, the muffler is not a slip-on, so not a diy job.
The exhaust shop had to fabricate a link pipe.

Just better sound?
The Arrow can is smaller and weighs less.
Better performance too according to trusty butt dyno.
Bike feels lighter, quicker to rev.
Most likely down to cat delete methinks.

Update. 2 Dec
Returned to exhaust shop.
Decided to have the stock heatshield refitted.
Required an L bracket to be welded but I think it looks a little more finished.


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Looks great. Kind of pricey though isnt it? Wish we had a fmf option!
Its well made though with quality materials.
I removed the db killer but it was a too loud.
So I shortened the dbkiller pipe instead.
It was hard work with a hand saw as its a hefty piece with thick walled pipe.
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