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Get the last of our Snell M2010-approved Arai Corsair-V Platinum Grey helmets at the best price anywhere! At $459, we’ll ship this Arai Corsair-V to any address in the lower 48 states for free! These helmets are brand new in the box, but supplies are limited and we’re down to our last small and large size helmets. Don’t miss out on this killer dear!

Get your Platinum Grey Arai helmet on sale by calling Mike at 866.931.6644 ext 804 for expert sizing guidance and fast shipping. As stated, sizes and availability are limited so CALL NOW!

Arai Corsair-V Platinum Grey helmet – $459 shipped anywhere in the contiguous USA.

User-adjustable ventilation can be found on the front and the back of the helmet and provide exceptional cooling characteristics when called into duty. For safety, the fittings shown here are taped, not glued - to the external shell so that they may sheer away in the event of a crash to prevent the helmet from getting caught on anything it comes into contact with. Below each of the large strakes can be found a series of user-adjustable vents.

All of these helmets are Snell M2010 certified and have recent build dates.

Each cheek pad features Arai’s innovative Emergency Release Tab which makes getting the helmet off easier for emergency crews.

In the interest of keeping your Arai as fresh as possible, every single piece of the comfort liner can be removed from the helmet and easily washed. In addition to this, if you’re especially picky about how the helmet sits on your head, our expert fitters can help you find the custom cheek and liner pads for an exacting fit.
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