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DL650 and Kawasaki Triple Calipers - Need Data

Can anyone with a spare stock set of calipers measure the mounting hole center to center width?

I'm rstoring a 1974 Kawasaki H1 Mach 3 500 triple and upgrading the brakes. I would really likd to use V-Strom brakes because, well you know, it would be cool. And the Kawi Triple resource pages say the DL1000 is a direct bolt on affair. Unfortunately, it is not. There is a two mm difference in the mounting points. Which kinda sicks because i already bought the master cylinder and calipers off a 2007 DL1000.

If you have replaced your calipers and have them laying in a box please measure the center hole to hole distance for me. because someone did use V-Strom brakes on an H1. If it wasn't from a DL1000, maybe it was from a DL650.

Tokico Caliper Conversion

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