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Anyone willing to help change rear tire in Colorado, northeastern Utah, or southern Wyoming?

I am currently on a multiple month long tour of the states and my rear Shinko 705 is just about toast after roughly 5k miles. I am currently in Wyoming and am going to be heading towards Golden, CO on the 8th or 9th. So far the plan is to spend a night at a friend's in Golden then head South to Colorado Springs. My plans are flexible, so basically anywhere between Jackson, WY and Colorado springs is in my route.

Being that I have no way of jacking up my bike to remove the rear wheel while on the road, it would cost me an arm and a leg to get a new tire at a shop/dealer then pay for them to mount it. Is there anyone who has the tools and know how to help me put a new radial 705 on my strom? I have heard the radials are a bit tougher to get on and require a tire mounting machine or a skilled hand. Thanks in advance.


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