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I bought 2 autoswitches back in 09, one was for my R1150GSA and he other for a friend who then decided he didn't want it. Consequently, I have a new in package 5NB2 Autoswitch I'd like to use on the blinker cancel switch. I haven't found a 2012 wiring diagram yet, but on an 09, it looked like the light blue wire might be the one I'd need to find/use for that. If the light blue wire is correct, hoping I can find it back near the battery or fuse box too. The Autoswitch 5NB2 appears to be discontinued for a "one size fits all" version now, but hoping I can make use of it. Not looking for switched power BTW... looking for the blinker kill signal. Switched power can come from my Eastern Beaver fuse box. May just need to get the Fluke meter out and do some testing, but hoping someone has already covered this ground.

My question is, has anyone already ciphered all this out on a 2012? That is using the blinker kill switch to activate an autoswitch device? Does the cancel switch on the wee work like it did on the GSA? I did a few searches, but didn't find anything. I've got a set of PIAA's and the new SW-Motech light mounts specifically for the 2012 Wee. I have the PIAA waterproof switch, but would really rather not have to look at that if I don't have to.

Thanks in advance.

Got my new Wee Adv a couple days ago and so far have the center stand, skid plate, and lights mounted. Have the Eastern Beaver 8 slot fuse box and accessory socket ordered. Also need to wire in power for my Garmin 276C and some Hyperlites. Plenty to do!
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