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Found a crazy deal on a Khaki 1000. Seems to be the "GoldieLocks" bike. ABS, not to big or small, good brakes & suspension, etc. etc.

Anyway, currently riding a FZ07. really enjoy the bike but miss the power of my 919 (which I loved).

Two concerns. After riding the FZ07, the Vstrom feels huge. And IMO it's not the nicest looking bike.

Anyone go from a FZ07/SV650 to a 1000 Vstrom?

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I bought the gray- blue one
fixed the front fork with traxxion
and sold it after 1500 miles
not because it wasn't a great bike
I do a lot of 2 up and it just wasn't big enough for that, even though it was not purchased for that purpose
I really loved the bike
the guy I work with bought one and sold it because he thought he needed something faster, so he bought a speed triple and has regretted it every day since
I will say this
if you have a 7 keep it, if you have not done anything to the suspension you need to it will change your life
I am also gtmn on the fz-07 forum and have had a lot to say over there
don't buy the 1000 for the performance
I would say its not a lot faster then the 7
the strom is a better mile eater though and will do 2up almost as good as my ctx1300
you don't need anything on the strom out of the box
the seven is better for dinking around but the strom is better for everything else
if they would make the fj-07 they would be onto something, I love the motor on the 7
be sure you are ready to lose money on something like that because you will miss it
good luck
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