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:) Hey,

Was anyone From Ohio in The Smoky Mountain Park near Cherokee, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway on 09/22/08 Riding the Heintooga-Round Bottom Road?

This is the 35 mile Gravel Road loop near Mile High Campground.

If you were from OHIO and road a V-Strom with full luggage (don't know if it was a wee or vee). We were the 2 guys you rode with on that road for a while.... I was on a Green KLR650 and my son was on a Blue KLR250...

I had a IronPony Motorsports Sticker on my bike and you said you lived close to the IronPony Store in Ohio.

You had a nice LARGE fancy camera and took lots of photos on that ride.

We talked to you several times on that road and parted your company at the Fish Hatchery... you were headed to Cherokee to get gas. We took off on a side road toward the Mile High Campgroung.

If you were this guy from Ohio, please reply...

Would like to coorespond with you again.

I have a V-Strom Now! :var_39:

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