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Any South-Western Ontario Vee Riders?

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I am strongly considering a Vee Strom as my next bike, everything I read about and heard about it seems to be in the neighborhood of what I'm looking for in my next bike. Its really between a Bandit 1250 or a DL-1000.

Now, I'm wondering if there are any South-Western Ontario Vee riders that would be willing to show off their Vee for me?

I have seen new ones at HullyGully, but I'd like to talk to an actual owner and get the scoop. Currently I'm poking around on an '01 FZ1 and could meet up for a greet and ride. I am in the Windsor area, but am willing to go for a good ride on a weekend.

Anyone in the area, lemme know.

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Still on my 04. I plan to ride it as long as I can to see just how bulletproof it really is. Just rolled over 76K.

Heck I've just got it set up to where I like it.

Got one more big trip planned down to Barber Motorsports to see a friend race in October and maybe a side jaunt over to the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton, OH later in July.

How about you?
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