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Any interest in a 2012 V-Strom Gathering shirt?

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I have looked into having a shirt made for the 2012 V-Strom gathering and was thinking of a small logo to go on the pocket area of the shirt and came up with this,

I have enquired at a local embroidery shop in Inverell and was quoted $66 set up fee, $14 for embroidery and $20 for a JB polo shirt. Therefore if we had an order for 11 shirts it would cost around $40 plus postage. I am not looking to make money from this, I would like a shirt for myself, and with the $66 set up fee the more we order the cheaper they will be.
My idea was to order the shirts now and then wear on rides etc. over the next 6 months to promote the event. I think it would look better on a lighter coloured shirt (already have too many black shirts) something like this,

The purpose of this thread is to gauge interest, so if you would like a shirt, have other ideas, comments, have a more creative design or know of a cheaper place for embroidery, feel free to reply. If there is enough interest I will start another thread to take orders.
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I've used these in the past and found them quite good
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