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I just installed all of my electrical components on my DL650AK7ABS:

Stebel horn on independent relay
DiamondStar Headlight Modulator
Back Off tailight modulator
Kisan SignalMinder

I tested basic functions after installation of each part, however, I forgot to test the instrument cluster clock, which I can no longer reset. Everything is properly grounded.

I wont have any time to test my theories until later this week, I just wanted to document this in a public forum.

My guess right now: My Diamondstar headlight modulator seems to be having problems, it gets excessively hot and the LED sensor would not allow modulation with anything other than DIRECT light being shined into it, so I cut the diode off and closed the circuit. Also, the horn pulse function doesn't work. This is my suspect.

Any other guesses or suggestions?


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There may not be anything wrong with the clock.

The clocks seem notoriously difficult to set. Sometimes I can hit the buttons and get immediate results, other times I have to try serveral times before the numbers start blinking.

I think I would just try a bit more before assuming there are other more servere problems.

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