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Another happy RealShelby customer

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I finally did it.

So after years of reading about the Clutch basket Mod by RealShelby, I finally got sick enough of the chudder in my DL1000 and pulled the trigger.

I have had my 05 since July of 09. It came with 47,000 miles and now has about 65,000. I have set it up for some serious long distance travel by installing PCIII, Fuseblock, powered tank bag, Powerlet plug, bar risers, Fork brace, Carabou 40L panniers, Givi E55 topcase, Bill Mayer Seat and several other things I can’t recall at the moment.

I realized early on that I had the dreaded Chudder. The bike just didn’t like to be ridden under 4,000 RPM’s. It shook and complained like a depression era tractor. It felt like there was no available torque under 4K on the tach and that got worse as I went up in gear.

Based on all the information I have found on gearing, I went to the 16 tooth counter sprocket to make the bike more useable around town. Which it did but I hate watching the tach go up near 5k when doing 75-80MPH on the freeway. According to my GPS, I’m doing 67MPH at 4K.

With the OEM gearing I couldn’t even begin to entertain the idea of shifting into 6th gear until I was going at least 75MPH. And that had to be either on flat land with a tail wind or going down hill. To really use the overdrive with out the chudder or bike feeling like it was lugging , I had to be going in excess of 85MPH. I live in Southern California and I have to do a lot of freeways to get to anything good and for some reason the CHP generally frown on going over the speed limit. Whatever.

I am fairly mechanically inclined and given the time and space in which to slowly figure stuff out, I have done quite a bit of stuff to my bikes. However, I have neither the time and space at this point of my life so I decided to let my mechanic handle the installation of RealShelby’s clutch basket.

First off, Terry was fantastic in communicating with me, then processing and shipping the basket. I was lucky in the turn around. He told me that it usually takes a couple of weeks to get the basket, do the mod and return it. It just so happened that the person in line in front of me backed out and so Terry was able to send me that guys basket right away.

When my mechanic finished the install, I headed over to his shop to pick it up. He is located about 25 miles away (I go the extra distance because he is that good) so I had a nice little test drive home.

The first thing I noticed when I started the bike was how much the bike DIDN’T vibrate. With the bike in neutral, the bike idles much quieter. There is a slight difference in tone with the clutch lever pulled in but not nearly as much as before. There also no more of that clatter like with the old basket.

As weird as it may sound, the bike feels more solid. When I let out the clutch to take off, there is absolutely no shake in the lower RPM’s as the bike goes past what used to be the “Chudder Zone”. It’s just smooth.

On the way home, I had a few miles of surface streets with traffic lights before I got on the freeway. Taking off at each light, I was amazed by how much easier it was to go from standing still to moving. I no longer had to work the clutch.

To enter the freeway, I had to make a left turn at a light, onto the sweeping right hand onramp. Here is where I uttered the three words I feel best describe the “Werks Clutch Basket”. As I leaned into the curve and accelerated to freeway speed I said, “Holy Cah-Wrap!’

I was expecting at least some of that Chudder/Lugging feeling. What I got was only smooth linear power from 3,000RPM’s until I shifted at around 5,000RPM’s. No shake at all. None.

I have now had the bike back a few weeks and have driven in city traffic, along the PCH and on the freeways. The bike will cruise along nicely as low as 2500RPM’s. I can now be in 6th gear at around 3200-3500RPM’s as I approach a hill or slow moving car and just twist the throttle to accelerate. No complaints from the bike. No need to down shift if I'm just cruising.

The bike is so smooth with this clutch basket that I’m thinking I may go back to the OEM sprockets. Since I can now utilize the torque in the lower RPM range, I should be able to shift into 6th at 3500RPM’s in certain situations and actually have an overdrive. That should garner much better MPG’s on the slabs.

I'm still on the fence though since the 16 tooth sprocket in front makes for pleasant experience around town.

I now belief Suzuki engineered the gearing with a properly working clutch basket in mind but unfortunately that has not worked out. Well... Until RealShelby stepped in.

After all said and done, I would rate the Clutch basket mod by RealShelby as the best mod I have done to my Vee. Bar none.

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Invest in a remap method or pc3

If your known on the "other" site they have a loaner teka box

I can lug stock 6th down to 2500rpm 52mph indicated with stock clutch

I am a buyer for the clutch mod but will do it this winter when she's laid up

Glad your happy
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