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another Garmin Nuvi 500 review

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I bought the nuvi 500 through It was refurbished but I couldn't tell by looking at it. Not many options to change as with other Garmin products I have, but I guess that's by design. It works very well but had one major issue: after doing the map update, I had problems with the map locking up while trying to redraw the screen. I discovered that the new map and the old map were fighting each other so after going to the map info section, I unchecked the old map and problem solved.
Battery life isn't stellar, but I will hard wire anyway so this isn't an issue for me. I Have the bags connection engage tank bag and bought the gps mount. Works ok I guess but looks goofy. Easy to operate and database is fairly complete.
Bottom line -- for ~$170 you can't go wrong!

I'll try to get some pix up soon.

Cheers! - Kevin