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We are introducing Outback Motortek's latest innovative skid plate that will put us on the map of the dual sport motorcycle market.

During the design process our goal was not only to create something different but to create something that can offer riders something more: much better protection. The idea was to reinforce the bottom of our Langar and Barskoon skid plates by increasing the thickness but without adding extra weight to it. You never thought it was possible, did you?

During the manufacturing process we use a 150 tonne hydraulic press machine to emboss the "rib cages" in the bottom of our skid plates. This way the gliders "pop out" of the surface and the thickness or the cross-section of the material around the "rib cages" increases from 4mm to about 9mm! Impressive, isn't it?

What else is the purpose of the "rib cages" besides providing extra strenght? By embossing the gliders we create the smallest surface possible, thus your bike will literally glide over hard objects with the least resistance.

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