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bin modding all afternoon...and well pleased..

a madstad-- bracket for the stock window...still fiddlin with that, but it offers a good few different and better wind experiences.

givi crash bars-- look neat but i am sure i hear a high tingly rattle at certain revs..might get rubber washers for that spacer at the front where the two bars join

givi racks-- the PL doobee dooos, lovely and solid and simple to install, tho i took my top box mount off to put them on and havent replaced it, that is a uni plate by givi and a V46 box

givi panniers-- E360. i like them alot...not too protrudy!

theres also a sw motech centre stand on my strom, which is great..but you cant see
it in the pics...

apart from the little rattle i am diggin it!!


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