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American Restoration

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Thanks for those that replied to my rust thread. The replies cleared up another mystery I was having with American Restoration. Many of the items they restore they say have original bolts etc... But the original was so rusted I couldn't see how they could get them so nice or even get them to the point they could be chromed.

And we didn't even need the myth busters

BTW I really like that show. I know they put on some skits that are just for TV but I love watching what they show of the restorations. It reminds me that I have some items that could easily use a partial restoration.
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Yeah, I've only watched a couple of episodes, but I saw some of their work on Pawn Stars. That show (AR) rocks! :punk: As they say in the opening, the stuff they do doesn't come with a manual (or something like that). I am in awe of how they can rebuild crap for which you know replacement parts don't exist. I guess I can imagine someone with greater skills than myself fabricating metal or plastic parts, but now I wonder about glass.
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