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Built using two different layers of honeycomb structures, Alpinestars’ latest back protector insert is lighter and much more flexible than their previous upgrade armor. The new dual-density cell structure is what makes this possible with an articulating outer shell that’s sat atop an energy absorbing inner layer. Each layer is made with a different material to first, effectively distribute impact forces over a larger area and then attenuate impact energy. In this manner, the “felt” force of the crash is significantly reduced to the rider. The new Bionic Air Back Protector Insert is designed to satisfy the latest CE back protector standard which dictates that a larger area must absorb impact forces. The end result for the wearer is a back protector insert that offers a greater area of coverage for increased safety. Best of all, this piece is breathable so it won’t take anything away from your level of riding comfort! Simply insert it into the back protector pocket of your Alpinestars riding jacket and you’re ready to ride!

This back protector insert fits the latest Alpinestars jackets - to order, simply go to our website for fast, free shipping. If you have any questions about jacket compatibility or sizing, simply drop us a dime at 866.931.6644 or send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with ALPINESTARS BIONIC AIR INSERT in the subject line and we’ll get you sorted out fast!

CE-certified Level 1 for EN1621-2:2010

The part of the Alpinestars back insert that faces the rider has a large mesh panel in its center to allow air to move uninhibited through the jacket.

A close look at the outer polypropylene articulating plates reveals the grey elastomeric inner foam honeycomb impact absorbing armor.
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