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....I think that I saw most of you today.

We rode up to the Hawks Nest in Port Jarvis, NY with a small group from down here in South Jersey. I was tailgunning for 5 cruisers heading North, then 4 cruisers head south towards home.

1st, on 513 in Long Valley, NJ heading south.

2nd, rt. 23 turning off of rt 94 in Hamburg, NJ, tailgunning behind that bunch of cruisers.

3rd, Port Jarvis, NY blue Wee heading towards the hawks nest.

4th, Clinton, NJ in you're driveway.

5th, you were heading north on 295 at around the 46 mile marker or so.

A couple of others the the guys in the group spotted that I missed.

NJ is bursting at the seams with Stroms!
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