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So after completing my first trip on the Wee (to Alaska) these are my observations (pre trip post and RR):

Mirror Extenders - make sure when you install them you use LocTite because in Alaska they will come loose in the rough stuff

Center Stand - invaluable

Kaoko Throttle Lock - this is know my favorite farkle

Pelican 1550s - these worked well, but I think I would change to top loaders (either Pelicans or another brand)

Top case - I prefer this for commuting so that I can leave my helmet in it, but for the next trip I will loose it for a larger waterproof bag (duffle style) in probably 80 liters or more (need to look around)

30 liter dry bag (roll top) - worked, but will combine with above

Rotopax - never used it, but glad I took it

K60s - Originally I questioned when I had these installed, they felt funny strange and I did not trust them. But after 9000kms I have no doubts and never think about them. I did not take any pictures of them when they were new but here they are now (4/16ths left to the wear bar)



Other things that I would change:
Heated grips - my hands never really got wet and cold, but they did get cold several times. I would say heated grips are a must.

Something to play music. Listening to myself was extremely boring.

Will most likely add a GPS. The other 2 riders had them, but for solo adventures think this will be required.

Rain gear is important. I never wore the pants, but the jacket was worn a lot.

Some kind of boot gator to keep the crap of the lower legs of my pants (didn't wear my rain pants) when off road and it is wet. Different boots. The Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof boots were good, but they have no tread and mixed with the stock foot pegs in the dirt and rain they combination sucked. They are also only 3/4 length so I will start looking for a full length boot.

New foot pegs where you can remove the rubber piece when off road.

Front and rear suspension. Front for sure.

ABS disconnect switch. I have the harness from EB, but never got it installed.

Instead of packing enough stuff to layer for the cold weather, heated vest.

Think that is it. We had a great trip and Alaska was amazing. We need to go back and do the Dempster and the Denali and the Kenai peninsula, but would recommend this for anyone who is considering. The only thing I would suggest if riding all the way to Deadhorse is leave early and go all the way up in 1 day and back in another (12 to 15 hours depending on weather and road).

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As for the bag to replace the top box, take a look at the aerostitch large motofizz. It hold around 90L fully expanded. I took a 12"x24" sheet of 1/8" aluminum, and bolted it to the rear luggage rack. I then place the motofizz on the plate and strap it down. I works great, is very solid, and holds a ton. Then your rear seat is still open for whatever.


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