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Hey friends! Although I am new to stromtrooper (and the Vstrom), I've been on numerous extended riding/camping trips, and looking to take the biggest one yet from Seattle TO THE NORTH! and back...

Quick backstory...Last year I planned a trip to Baja when I was living in Oakland, CA. I spent a few months preparing for the trip, getting my 2002 VFR800 in tip-top shape (#vvildcat); unfortunately, 2 days before, my riding buddy bailed on me, turning this 54-6 week trip into a solo excursion. Even more unfortunately, I hit some hot tar on a curve, slid into a guard rail just south of Pismo Beach, effectively totaling my cherished VTECH beauty, and fracturing 3 vertebrae - AND then spent 3 months recovering, thinking about my mistake and getting over the fact that my buddy (a much more conservative rider) would have helped to prevent this disaster. Over a year later, I have a newfound appreciation for my luck that day and greater respect for unforeseen road conditions! Oh yea, and a 2013 VStrom650 to help keep me honest; at least moreso than vvildcat did!

Soo, here I am planning this trip, and the same buddy called to cancel on me yet again :furious: - at least he gave me some notice this time! As I am somewhat new to Seattle, I have no rider community and hoping to find a buddy that has similar interests in going to Prudhoe Bay.

I have the framework of this trip planned out, but leaving many things intentionally UNPLANNED...leaving late May (leave by 5/27 ideally).
- 6-8 week trip duration (return mid-July)
- 250-500mi/day
- I have a list of destinations, but these are ALL based on blogs and remain flexible!

IF you are interested, or know anyone that is interested - LETS GRAB A BEER AND CHAT!!! I live in Ballard, but can certainly not limiting this invite to ONLY Seattle...

Your future riding friend,
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