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I'm still vacillating between Givi sidecases (E41s) and Al panniers for the new Whee-strom. Most of the Al pannier systems are veeery expensive. I came across a source that may be doable here.

Yes, yes, I know. It's a website/store for KLRs. Whee isn't picky or discriminating and easy to get along with

These panniers are very similar to the popular Happy Trails boxes that many V-strom riders mount on their 650's or 1K's. But less expensive. In response to an email query, the rep at klr650 explained that they use a thicker aluminum as well as more re-enforement welds on the inside to provide a stouter box that is going to hold up a lot better in the long run. They also have really cool liner bags with handles: fill liners, insert in box, zip close and close the lid (and lock). At destination, open lid and pull out packed liner by the handles. Wallah.

Obviously the KLR mounts won't work for V-strom, but perhaps one of the several aftermarket mounts will (ex: SW Motech, H&B, etc). Then I'll have to drill boxes and mount them.

Here's my reasoning for favoring Al panniers:

I'm vertically challenged with a 29" inseam and the V-stroms sit high. I've lowered my DL650, but it is still top heavy. Thus I would prefer to keep the weight lower and closer to the body of the bike (keep center of weight low and close).

My hesitation with the Givis are: although they are good quality and roomy sidecases, they look like tumors, they are wide and sit higher. Whereas most of the Al panniers have less overall width and the center of weight is more balanced (aka less top heavy). And they don't look like tumors. Also 'stuff' can be strapped to the tops!!

I like the canyon cut for clearance on turns and the bag liners are a big BIG plus.

I examined E41 sidecases on a DL1000; they are big and roomy, but, man, they sit high and wide. I would like to take a look at a bike, preferably a V-strom with Al panniers to get a better idea of what suits my needs and those of my bike.

If anyone around the DFW has a Al pannier set up, can we plan a meet-up so I can take a look?

Thanks in advance.
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