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I'd propose, overall, that the airbox on the vstrom be rethought so that it's easier to remove from the bike overall. The PAIR system in general, mounted to the bottom of the airbox like it is, is a huge pain to disconnect for the purposes of getting the airbox off.

Would it ruin the harmonics too terribly to route the upper connection for the PAIR system to the upper rear end of the airbox so that disconnecting it from the airbox was trivial and allowed the airbox to be easily removed?

It would also be nice if the IAT were mounted perpendicular to the airbox wall rather than parallel to it. On my particular bike, the release button faces the wall of the airbox when properly screwed in and can only be removed with a pair of plier-like implements to depress the release.

Lastly, it would have been much simpler to work on if the bike had a common manifold and throttle configuration. Perhaps a vacuum powered balancer on a secondary (tertiary) throttle valve configuration in the manifold would be necessary to make sure the cylinders to equal work, but this doesn't seem necessary on any of the automotive engines I've worked on.
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