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Air escaping

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Put new rubber on the front,air is slowly escaping from somewhere,did the dishwasher liguid test around the valve and rim,no visible signs of bubbles,puzzeled:confused:
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Some tyres come with built-in air leaks....tiny fault in production. These are rare but you may have been unlucky. I'd add 60 psi and try to ensure a sealed fit. Run it for a week or so if you can and see if it settles down.
What brand of rubber?
Thanks saturn,its a heidneau,i was thinking of pumping it right up to make sure its sealed right against the rim
As a matter of interest which Heidenau? K60 or the other which I can't think of at the moment. I ran k60s for 9000kms and they await in my garage to be refitted for another 3000kms. Thats the rear,... the front will probably see me through till I'm in the old peoples home!!

I'm keen to do Muddys run down South and catch up with Don, D.L. and the others. You?
Also, when the weather clears I'm planning to do 1 or prob. 2 nights down Rylston to Bylong (8 or 9 yrs since last rode it) I plan to stay o/night at maybe Merriwa C/P or such (won't be camping thank you) and spend wandering the district back roads on day 2 and prolly home again Bylong/Rylston. Will post it up in the next day or two and see what interest. I'll be going no it while you can eh?

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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