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Just released for 2011, the Warrior paint scheme AGV-T2. The T-2 helmet is a luxurious helmet designed with the road-user in mind. It’s comfortable, light weight and especially friendly where ventilation is concerned since this AGV helmet is designed to cater specifically for the street rider. Though it looks similar to AGV’s superb GP Tech helmet, the T-2 comes with a larger interior network of ducts that are fed and exhausted by larger vents on the front and back of the helmet. The result is larger quantities of cooling air can be delivered to the wearer at real-world speeds which makes traffic more bearable during a hot commute. The exterior shell has also been designed to be even quieter than the already quiet GP Tech model which makes this an excellent choice for the commuter or the weekend warrior. Still, despite its real-world attributes, the T-2 helmet is perfectly suitable for track duty too!

For more information call Mike at 866.931.6644 ext 804 or send a note to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with AGV T2 WARRIOR HELMET in the subject line along with the size and color (white or green/black) and we’ll get back to you right away.

The AGV T-2 Warrior is available in either green/black or white finishes. For maximum safety, AGV uses three different shell forms to fit the entire size range of their T-2 helmets.

As with other AGV helmets, the T-2 comes with a built-in quick change visor mechanism. Don’t forget to ask about a smoked shield when ordering!

Large exhaust vents located on the top of the helmet work with smaller vents at the lower sides to efficiently pull warm air from within the helmet out to the atmosphere.

Three intakes on the front of the helmet are easily indexed with a gloved hand.

The interior liner of this helmet is fully removable down to the neck roll which makes keeping it fresh easy.

DOT & ECE 22-05 certified crash protection.

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