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Modeled after the top-of-the-line AGV GP-Tech helmet but at a value price, the AGV K3 offers excellent ventilation and many of the same features as the high-end model. Three user-adjustable intakes are fitted on the front of the helmet, which perfectly compliment four exhaust vents on the back. Inside, the Dry-Lex comfort liner relies on heavy metals woven into its fabric to prevent bacterial growth and delay the onset of the foul odors that come with it. And, while this slows microbe growth, it cannot totally prevent the interior from getting a little raunchy after lots of use, so the AGV K3 is fitted with a fully-removable liner, making it easy to freshen up! AGV’s standard Extra Quick Release System (XQRS) makes swapping out visors easy and the helmet comes with a clear, anti-fog/anti-scratch faceshield as standard.

These helmets are brand new and yet to be listed on our website. For more information or to order, give Mike a call at 866.931.6644 ext 804 and he'll send you a K3 Donkey helmet in no time. You can also email him - FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM is the address with the subject line AGV K3 ROSSI DONKEY REPLICA. If you’re new to the AGV line, be sure to tell us the size and model of your current helmet so our experts can get you fitted appropriately.

The AGV K3 Rossi Donkey Replica helmet.

The familiar Donkey at the top of the helmet. Notice also the two large user-adjustable intake vents. They’re easily operated with a gloved hand.

The back of the helmet is adorned with a few colorful letters along with renderings of Rossi’s dogs. For the rider that wants to show it all off, it is possible to remove the name plates, sizing, and compliance stickers at the back of the helmet. Higher up, you can see the mesh screen for the exhaust ports located under the rear spoiler. These, combined with the vents at the lower sides of the helmet (barely visible) help draw the stale air in the helmet out to the atmosphere so you can keep a cool head.

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