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Aftermarket exhaust with panniers question

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Hey everyone.

I've just fitted a Mivv exhaust can to my 2015 V-Strom, and I fitted it with the small extender bracket that Mivv include for use with a pannier.

Now it's fitted, I've put the pannier on just to see how much clearance there is between exhaust and pannier, and there's a lot.

I've included some pics - do you guys think I'd be ok removing the extra bracket which connects between the subframe and exhaust?

If anyone's running the Suzuki panniers with an aftermarket exhaust connected right to the subframe (no extender bracket) please do let me know!

Thanks everyone, pics below.

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Different brand pipe on mine, but looks the same in mounting. 70K since install and trouble free.
A little different situation.. Hepco and Becker panniers and Storm exhaust (made by MIVV). I Did Not use the attachment that was included for panniers. And have had no issues.
Probably 1.5" between pipe and pannier. This pipe doesn't seem to get very hot.

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Give a try it looks OK

If you feel things are getting hot drill a hole & use half the extension.
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Did you receive any sort of heat shield as part of the kit when you received the new exhaust? Exhaust heat can catch one by surprise.
The link may be a bit extreme but an example of such a surprise is discussed in exhaust turn super red (hot)
I sold my 750four Honda to a friend to get him back on the road, on one trip he cooked all his tinned food with the exhaust to a point it all exploded one at a time while we were riding.

Staying clear of the exhaust tip is the key, a air gap is usually enough at the muffler.
They rotated teh muffler out resulting in less clearance. If they had rotated it inward there would have been more clearance. I know because I did it and offered a muffler lowering bracket so others could do it. Many have.
Thanks for the helpful replies, this is all appreciated. I'm thinking there probably is enough gap to remove the bracket, or at least try it anyway and see how I get on. In reality I won't be using the panniers much at all, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

I did notice that Scorpion exhausts are shown with the same panniers I have fitted and they have no bracket holding the can away from the exhaust hanger, which gives me some confidence:

No heat shield was included.
I just went down to the bike and had a play with fitting it without the bracket. It fits much better than it did with the bracket, but unfortunately it uses quite a large spacer which pushes the mount out into the pannier. It's still possible to connect the pannier and lock it to the bike, but it's touching and solid, rather than floating.

I managed to twist the bracket up whilst taking it off, so I'll get another one of those and re-fit it with that so I have panniers which aren't impacting the exhaust mount.

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taking that out is going to make the pipes not line up. just leave it the way it is. my danmoto is like that too
taking that out is going to make the pipes not line up. just leave it the way it is. my danmoto is like that too
Do you mean on yours it's like I've shown in my last post (without the bracket which moves it down)?

If so, do you use panniers and do they touch the exhaust mount?
I have soft side bags, they fit way above the exhaust. I do have a bracket that lowers it a couple inches and spaces it out an inch or 2
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