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Well, I've put over 1500 miles on my EK MVXZ chain with screw-type master link.

Holding up like a champ... even when I miss adjusted the chain slack and rode 1000 miles with only about 15mm of chain slack :jawdrop: That's what you get for not double checking after you tighten up. :headbang:

So, for you fence sitters... the screw type master link chain can be put on in about 15 mins (doin it slow). The hardest part is getting that front sprocket nut to budge - stupid bent washers. I think it took me about 1.5 hours for the complete sprocket/chain swap. had/has great prices on the EK chain (525 MVXZ) and screw-type link.

Also - the cameleon oiler. Worth every stinkin' penny I put into it. 200 bucks. Never have to worry about chain cleaning/lubing again. :hurray: In sub-freezing temps - go with a VERY lightweight oil (used left over Shell Rotella T). If you use the 90W or whatever that they give you ... it'll be too thick to flow. Just remember to reset the oil interval for warmer temps ... if not, you'll great small oil slicks.

I'll post back with the chain life for this... but so far it looks like it'll last a good long while.

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My ek (xring) has 26,000 mi on it and looks runs like new. The oem chain was getting pretty bad at that mileage. The screw type link looked kinda tight for a while and I thought I had screwed it up, but it has held up with no problems. I've settled on ATF for my little drip oiler.
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