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Well, a couple of weeks back I pulled the ploug and ordered a Transit suit from Aerostich. Man, am I pleased with it. Fit is good (uses standard sizing, see the size chart on their web site). The leather is thick without being stiff. In fact it is supple enough that there is no real break in time required.

It is a nice, simply cut black suit. I look niether like a crusier riding pirate wannabe, nor a Power Ranger. I like that.

Aeorstich says it is water proof. It is. WL Gore gets the hides tanned with a special mix of chemicals that force water to bead up and roll away, and another set (called TFL if I remember correctly) that reflect light. They then bond the Proshell membrane to the leather. Aero then has it stiched and sealed in a high tech factory in Vietname, and voila, waterproof m/c leathers.

And they stood up to the test. I recently spent a very rainy Sunday riding from Olympia, WA to Vancouver, BC. All told 5 hours in pouring rain. I stayed dry, and the suit was dry the next day, as the sun did make an appearance and I rode up to Whistler that day.

Love this suit. It is worht the cash spent. And with my black helmet I look like the anti-Stig.
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