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Advice to shop out welding for engine guards?

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I've mentioned, experimented, and cross-posted about wanting something to raise the angle of the bike when taking a nap, and guess I just need to find someone who can weld these for me.

Any advice for shopping out welding?

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Take it to a a bike / custom car shop that does fabrication and has a mandrel tube bender. A sketch with rough dims would help convey what you want, don't worry about providing a drawing with GD&T.

Are you starting with an existing crash bar or starting from scratch?

If scratch, you might be better off (read: less expensive) to just buy an off the shelf crash bar. Depending on your area, I'd expect custom fab to be billed at $90-130/hr + mat'ls and a few weeks without your bike. If the labor is cheaper, find a better shop. I'd swag a minimum of $600 in labor into this project. Lotsa bikes going into shops this time of year, you may be in for a wait.
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