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I've built crash bars and peculiar luggage racks from time to time. One engine guard was for a longitudinal 4 cylinder BMW. Like our V-Stroms there is no "cradle" bottom section of the frame. Everything had to drop down from above and brace, side to side.
Lining up the elements and welding them on the bench such that they stay lined up with the various OEM frame bolt points... Yuk. The method I use can be generally described like this:
_ Buy a selection of pre-bent chrome-molly tubing. 45°, 90° and U bends. Buy extra of the U bends. Quite affordable .
_ Buy two sticks of straight tubing. One the same as your bent stuff and the other a slip fit for the inside dimension.
_ Buy some flat stock for the bolting tabs or pre-made tabs.
_ Buy a package of pellets for a pellet gun. (Huh?)
You will use short pieces of the "inside" tubing as connectors. The objective here is to be able to rotate (swivel) the erector set to line up perfectly. Next up is to hold those pieces in that exact orientation as you move it to the bench for welding. Here is where the pellets come in. Drill a hole in the side of the "outside"/main tubing such that you can stick a pellet in the hole and up against the "connector" inside. Then you can use a vice grip to smoosch the pellet and lock the two pieces in place. Now you can take it to the bench for tack welding. Build up whatever lattice work you need and test fit, etc.
I hope that makes sense. Tiring to be brief can be hard.
(the extra U bends are handy to get two out of it at any degree from1 to 180 etc)
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