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I'm alone for one more week until wife and kids come back.
All my friends are busy/cannot join this weekend so I'll go Solo.

My plan is to have a two day ride to 'Grand Canyon' in PA

If you can please recommend good rides/routes/where to sleep/places to see/things to do.
Thinking of getting a motel, but camping is also possible. A nice camp site will make me go camping, just don't know where to camp yet.

Found this, but I don't know how reliable this site is: (Prefer comments from fellow stromtroopers)
PA Grand Canyon - Lodging, Attractions, Restaurants, Maps

If somebody wants to join me - by all means.

I'm not a great off-roader, but apparently not so bad on gravel roads :)
Any good off-road recommendations are also welcome. Just got my AltRider Crashbars installed.

I promise to post photos.


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I would blast over I80 to the PA border, hug the Delaware river on the NJ side (in Delaware NRA, so 35 mph speed limit, but some gravel if you truly hug the river) up to US206, cross into PA, US209 north to US6, then 6 all the way to Wellsboro.

The only time I camped there was 15ish years ago right on the east bank of the Pine Creek gorge at Tiadaghton. Beautiful. It's a state forest camping area, so free or cheap. I think you need to get a permit these days. It's a very steep unimproved road down to the gorge, so if you go (which you should) I would scout it first then decide whether you want to go down. (But it would be good place to get stuck until you developed the skills to get back up...just make sure you have food.). There will be bicyclists and there, campfires, birdwatchers, and other outdoorsy types with 4WD's. (BTW I did not have my strom at the time, went with someone in a 4WD PU.)

Oops, I lied. Also camped on the west side at Colton Point SP. No showers, and lots flies like it was possessed. Leonard Harrison SP on the east side has showers, but it was full when I went there.

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