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Hey everyone! after a moth of fiddling with my bike and reading a lot about the Vee's engine issues, I decided to kindly ask for advice myself.
A few month ago I purchased a 2002 V Strom 1000, the bike was in good condition with about 20k miles on it. The bike has no mods whatsoever.
Unfortunately the engine was running very poorly in the low rpm range. Here's some detail:
It produces heavy stutters and shakes at around 2500 and 3500rpm, but only when accelerating moderately, if I pull the throttle, it runs smooth as could be from 2000rpm all the way up.
At the same rpm range and at idle, the engine also produces a knocking sound that seems to be coming from the exhaust, it's definitely nothing mechanical and only appears after a few miles of riding the bike.
Also fuel consumption is too high when riding below 4000rpm, and the bike starts to smell like gasoline. Since I ride in that range al lot, driving through town, I'm constantly getting that knocking and shaking.
Nothing of the above happens above 4000rpm.
Adjusting the TPS changes that behavior to a certain degree, but not dramatically.
Syncing the throttle body had no effect.
The TPS is measuring fine, and produces a very steady reading between 1.2V and 4.4V (idle to full throttle)
Sparkplugs are brand new, so is the airfilter. The Fuelfilter is also clean. I checked for air leaks, but found nothing. I also removed the secondary throttle valve, but that didn't help anything.
One thing I haven't checket is the valve adjustment b/c I can't see how that would produce that kind of issue.
It feels a bit like, the two cylinders are out of sync just for a few moments, like not getting the same ammout of fuel, or both too much fuel.

Any idea anyone?
thank you!
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